In injury and certain other plaintiff cases, you may be quoted a contingency fee, and would pay no fee unless you recovered money in your case.

In other cases, you will be quoted an hourly fee.  This includes our Counseling at Law program, which is a pre-litigation agreement at an hourly rate.

For criminal cases and certain other cases, you will receive a fixed fee quote, with FeeStages.

FeeStages is our attempt to ensure that you do not pay too much in criminal and traffic matters. Sometimes, a case will be dropped or be resolved earlier in the process. Other cases go all the way through a jury trial and post-trial hearings. Even when we agree to a fixed fee, it is held in a trust account until earned. If the case resolves at an earlier FeeStage, you will receive the unearned fees back.

In this way, we ensure that the fee charged is relative to the work performed, even in a fixed fee situation, and prevent clients from being overcharged on cases that resolve earlier.

In our next post, we will outline an example from a typical misdemeanor case.

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