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 Core Principle: We Push Back Against Lowball Insurance Offers

The most common problem in obtaining a fair result for wrongful injuries is low offers from insurance companies intent on saving money by denying valid damages.

A proper calculation of your damages will include all of the medical treatments, as well as the pain that was suffered in the injury and all throughout the recovery. This value should include the time and energy spent dealing with all of the consequences of being hurt, as well as the loss of wages or economic opportunities from being forced to physically recover.

We have seen a variety of arguments designed to minimize the payout for clients who have valid and legally recoverable damages. While there are many reasons to settle a case, it all depends on whether the offer is fair. After all, the person who caused the accident is asking you to give up your right to trial, and must pay a fair amount to compensate for the injury and pain that they caused.

Core Principle: Lower Fees Leave More Money With Clients Where It Belongs

Attorney Brian Close has designed his practice to be efficient, without expensive overhead.

Modern, paperless office systems reduce the time spent searching through documents. By removing expensive, unnecessary elements to the practice of litigating injury cases, he can keep his rates lower.

That’s why we tell prospective clients to shop around and get other quotes on their contingency fee accident, and then compare our proposal to see what an average settlement might look like under both rates. A quick phone call can give information and a fee quote for your injury case.

A fee that leaves more money with the client means more of the financial recovery for the injury can go where it belongs. Our goal is that, compared to any other quotes that you may receive, by hiring Close Law Firm, you keep more of your recovery.

“Mr. Close is exceptionally professional and very hard-working. He seemed to care personally about my case and gave me hope when I had none. The end outcome was very nearly the best case scenario and this was entirely due to his efforts. An excellent lawyer who gets things done.” – Jessica

“Mr. Close was recommended to me by another attorney. I am so happy I took that advice. He is professional, knowledgeable, and wise beyond his years. The outcome of my case was the best I could hope for and I attribute that to his skill.” – Marilou

“Thank you for your assistance in helping me with my mother. Bottom line… Our family is truly grateful for your time and effort. I’m so thankful that there are attorneys like you serving the everyday person. Sincerely, Mike R.”

“You were like a pitbull in the courtroom, tenaciously you pulled on that thread of lies and inconsistencies until you unraveled him. I was very astounded by your skills Mr. Close. Once again, thank you so very much, you did more than just win a case, you saved my life.”

“Hi Councilor! Finally getting my life back on track, thank to your most diligent work on my behalf. Keep the passion of helping other people who deserve the help they need in a court of law. You are gifted and blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, mind, and spirit. In spirit and health, Tony C.”