Brian Close represents clients in criminal and civil appeals.

Attorney Brian Close has worked on many appeals and habeas cases involving reversible errors of law and constitutional violations. He has worked on state and federal appeals involving unlawful search and seizure, coerced waivers of Miranda rights, violations of the right to counsel, speedy trial violations, erroneous suppression rulings, wrongful jury instructions, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, and many other issues affecting criminal trials and plea bargains.

Brian strives to correct errors that cause injustice. He works with clients to determine the strongest issues with the best chance of success. The brief is then crafted with skilled argumentation and thorough legal research to highlight the errors that justify appellate relief.

It is important that the rulings and representation are proper during cases and trials where important rights are at stake. 

If you believe that your case was harmed by constitutional violations or improper rulings, call Brian Close at (720) 441-4878 for a free consultation.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Hi Councilor! Finally getting my life back on track, thank to your most diligent work on my behalf. Keep the passion of helping other people who deserve the help they need in a court of law. You are gifted and blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, mind, and spirit. In spirit and health, Tony C.
"You were like a pitbull in the courtroom"

You were like a pitbull in the courtroom, tenaciously you pulled on that thread of lies and inconsistencies until you unraveled him. I was very astounded by your skills Mr. Close. Any client would be both lucky and privileged to retain your services as a lawyer. Once again, thank you so very much, you did more than just win a case, you saved my life.
"I’m so thankful that there are attorneys like you"

Thank you for your assistance in helping me with my mother. I realize that you are an extremely busy person and that everything that crosses your desk is a priority. Bottom line… Our family is truly grateful for your time and effort. I’m so thankful that there are attorneys like you serving the everyday person. Sincerely, Mike R.
"The outcome of my case was the best I could hope for"

Mr. Close was recommended to me by another attorney. I am so happy I took that advice. He is professional, knowledgeable, and wise beyond his years. The outcome of my case was the best I could hope for and I attribute that to his skill. - Marilou
"An excellent lawyer who gets things done"

Mr. Close is exceptionally professional and very hard-working. He seemed to care personally about my case and gave me hope when I had none. The end outcome was very nearly the best case scenario and this was entirely due to his efforts. An excellent lawyer who gets things done. - Jessica